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d the impulse he had follow●ed; and when, about six or seven months af●terwards, he received the most grateful ●letters from Wi

llie and his father, informing● him that the opening offered, though ▓attended with many difficulties, promis▓ed fair, he felt the sacrifice was mor●e than recompensed, and from● that hour never thought of it● himself again.But his assert▓ion, that he would work the harder to make up fo▓r those continental advantages w●hich he had lost, was no idle boast; he did▓ so well, that even his father forgot his▓ vexation; and his industry united ●with great personal economy, enabled him to g▓ive his sisters richer and m▓ore useful presents than the bijo▓uterie which he had laughingly promised to br●ing them from


  • with it his self-respect.H▓e said very little, but
  • that little c▓onvinced both Julia and her fath▓er
  • that he was not quite the simpleton which ▓they
  • had supposed him. He left th▓em, wounded to the
  • core; to his w▓arm, generous nature, worldline


France. The marriage of Mis●s Julia Morison with some foreign▓ Count, before six months elapsed, had hap●pily no effect on Edward’s equanimity;● it might, nay, it did cause a transient● pang, but he

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recovered it much sooner than his▓ father did the loss of so desirabl●e a connection. “Never mind it, sir,” was E●dward’s laughing entreaty; “I would rat▓her earn my own independence, and mak

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e a ▓connection through my own exertions than● by the richest marriage I could make.” ● “That’s just like your mothe▓r, b

oy,” said his father, somew▓hat pettishly, “as if all depended● on one’s self.” “Thank you for th▓e likeness, father.When I can bring y▓ou a daughter to be to me what my mother is t●o you, I shall have formed a de●sirable connection, though m▓y wife be not set in gold.” And this▓ even his father acknowledged, when, two ye●ars afterwards, Edward married ●the daughter of their vicar, who proved i▓n his own person that influence is no●t always inseparable from wealth▓, but may be found with worth as w▓ell.Time rolled on; twenty, thirty years.▓ In the multitude of great a▓nd trifling event

s, which make u●p the sum of human life, during ●those years Edward Langley had so enti▓rely forgotten the generous deed of his early y▓outh, that he would have found it di●fficult to recall even the name of Will●ie’s parents.His perseverance and talent h▓ad been crowned with such success, that when on▓ly eight-and-twenty he was t▓aken into partnership by one of ●the first engravers of the metropolis.For tw▓enty more years the business so flourished as t●o make a


ll the principals very wealthy ▓men; and Edward looked forward in two or three m●ore years to resign in favour of▓ his son and retire himself from active business●.He had never been ambitious, and a series of d●omestic trials in the loss of six children out● of ni

ne, all of that most inte●resting age when childhood is▓ giving place to youth, caused him ▓to turn with clinging love to those who r●emained, longing more to enjoy an E▓nglishman’s ho

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ayed Miss



me than to continue amassi▓ng wealth. Greatly against his wishes ●and advice, engagements and speculations▓ had been entered into by the firm to a▓n immense extent, more especially▓ with establishments abroad.The● dishonesty of dis

tant agents, an▓d the careless supineness, if not equal d●ishonour, of one of the princip●als at home, occasioned ruin to all, of course ●including Langley, though he had b●een most unjustifiably kept in ignoran▓ce of the real extent of their spec▓ulating schemes.Yet his high integrity enab●led him to bear up against this sudden c●hange of circumstances with more fort●itude than any of his companions. ▓ His wife’s little property had n▓ever been touched, and he was● therefore enabled to retire to ▓a very small cottage in Cheshire, w?/p>

坔ich soon displayed the refined taste● and artistic skill of its gentle-minded inmates●, to an extent that completely conc●ealed their very humble mean●s.Not that they were ashamed of t▓heir poverty; but the same self-respect that p●rompted their horror of all pretension, a●nd resolution to live strictly▓ within their means, threw a c●omfort and refinement around and within ▓their lowly home, w


Morbi luctus vitae cursus

hich the wealth●iest might have envied. For himself, Edward ▓Langley would have been as

Cum sociis natoque

happy as ●in the height of his prosperi●ty; but he could not help feeling

Ut a augue a lorem

a very pardona●ble pang at this sad change in th▓e prospects of his children.His

Aenean eget nulla

son, emula●ting his firmness, sought and obtained an ex●cellen


t situation in a thriving engr▓aving establishment in Edinburgh, where h●is father’s name and character spoke ▓for him more forcibly than the highest premium●.It was on Helen Langley the blow had fal●len heaviest; the only one of his daughters● who had reache

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d the age of nineteen▓ (for Fanny was still a child),▓ frail, delicate in seeming as a beautiful flow▓er.She had been nursed in luxury and affec▓tion, and guarded from even the approa▓ch of a s

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